Mason Financial provides a personalized and comprehensive approach to the complex process of buying a wholesale, distribution and manufacturing business.

We establish a working relationship with our buyers in order to provide the most effective career guidance.

Evaluating the financing options for every buyer's background and situation is essential before we start the search of companies listed for sale. Once financing perimeters have been established, we will identify potential acquisitions from our database of sellers.

All companies that are listed for sale have provided Mason Financial with 3 years of tax returns. Sellers must sign a confidentiality agreement not to disclose information about the prospective buyer.

Utilizing our extensive database of lenders, we can assist qualified buyers in obtaining financing with favorable rates and terms. Loan programs are structured based on the company specialty with customized payment schedules, terms up to 10 years and funds for working capital.

Our transition team will handle all negotiations between buyer and seller, structure the transaction and facilitate the closing. Mason financial has over 30 years of brokerage and finance experience to successfully manage the process.

Wood Pallet Manufacturer for sale in Ohio
Price $995,000
Sales $2,200,000
Profit $450,000